Merrilyn Turner


I moved to the Mid North Coast in 2001. I am a registered nurse and whilst working in the local Diagnostic Imaging Dept, I assisted A/Prof Prem Rashid and Dr Nader Awad performing urological procedures under X-ray imaging and ultrasound guidance.

I commenced working at the Urology Centre in 2007. My role as a urology nurse consultant has grown as the practice has expanded, with Prem and Nader performing new advanced surgical procedures. It is a rewarding position, working in a supportive team of medical and administrative staff. My role is educational and provides ongoing supportive management towards their patients and carers.

Conditions we regularly see are female and male continence issues, bladder infections, benign (non-cancerous) prostatic enlargement BPH, prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction. These are very sensitive issues which can take a great deal of courage for the patient to discuss. Of course confidentiality is always paramount.

I am also involved with training of The Jim Bruce Urology and Prostate Cancer Trust Scholarship nurses. Since 2010 we have had the nurses come to our practice for the clinical experience of their course. It is satisfying to see the wider community is being supported in urological care through this scholarship program.

Feeling part of a team, in a pleasant environment, comfortable facilities and equipment all makes for an enjoyable workplace. There is often laughter heard from the kitchen at lunchtime – quite loudly at times, and the same coming from the consulting rooms! We are of course professional in our approach but laughter really helps too.