Jan2My name is Jan. I have a very satisfying role in the practice as Receptionist/Medical Secretary. I joined the practice when Prem first came to Port Macquarie in 1998. We were initially accommodated in the Base Hospital. Since then, the practice has grown from strength to strength and it continues to be a pleasure to come to work each day!

My role is an interesting one – because of the variety of people whom we encounter, and the fact that Prem has always encouraged all staff members to be totally involved, with a credo of attending to the patients as if they were an important member of our family. This makes for very satisfying outcomes. I consider that we aim at all times for the best possible practice, and this standard does make me very proud to be involved.

Our Bladder Care Clinic was created by Prem with a vision of what it would be today, and I still shake my head in amazement at what has been achieved – an outstanding service for our patients with great nurses and superb care for our patients and the problems that can arise.

My previous work experience over MANY years has been in health, tourism, publishing and…so on. I do find that the health area has a great deal of job satisfaction as you can see a direct and positive benefit immediately to those involved.

My day to day tasks involve ensuring that our reports regarding the patients are sent out quickly to their local doctors, referring specialists, etc, that our interaction with the patients is attended to in a mutually positive manner, that we plan to help our patients in any way that we can, and the general routine administrative tasks that are involved in a busy practice.

We are most fortunate in our work environment, overlooking our garden and trees, with the occasional visit from a wandering winged or waddling creature.

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